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Black Friday TV Deals

HDTV’s have become a Black Friday all-star since they became mainstream in the mid 2000′s. The biggest changes we’re seeing in deals on these 1080p sets are the size, as well as means of purchase. Last year, the hot ticket was the 42″, and this year retailers are telling consumers that bigger is, in fact, better. With deals mostly on the 55″ HDTV’s, it appears TV buyers will be sitting in front of bigger screens this holiday season.

In terms of purchasing, online retailers have been pricing these items for great prices, which begs the question: Why camp outside in the cold, when you could purchase the same set on Amazon or TigerDirect for less, and in the comfort of your own home? Stores with Black Friday doorbuster deals also have the problem of limited stock on larger items such as 55” HDTV’s. If you order your new set online, you won’t have to worry about the retailer not having what you’re looking for.

Another change in HDTV sales is the presence of the 3D HDTV. The 3D models have become more accessible and mainstream since the prices dropped to $425 for the 55″ HD model this past summer; which is actually a couple bucks cheaper than the LCD HDTV without 3D capabilities at a predicted Black Friday price of $429.

If you’re looking to go even bigger, 60″ sets are also seeing price cuts, with brand name Plasma HD flat screens actually about $70 cheaper than the LCD model.

If you’re not looking to upgrade in size, smaller HDTV’s (32″-42″) prices will not be cut as drastically as last year, but will still be seen for very affordable prices; $179 for the 32″, and $269 for the 46″.

Buyers should steer clear of the newer generation of TV sets like the 4K and OLED models. Though their prices have dropped fairly drastically since their release, they will still set you back at least $9,999 for the 55″ and may not even be as up to date on hard wear as more affordable models. Since they are first generation, there may still be some kinks to work out in terms of operation and software, and they may not come with the new HDMI 2.0 spec.


Black Friday TV Deals for 2014: Coming Soon!