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Best Apple Black Friday Deals 2013iPad mini + $100 Walmart Gift Card: $299

Of all of the Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far on Apple products, this iPad mini + gift card bundle from Walmart wins by a landslide. The gift card brings the net cost down to an unprecedented $199, and it qualifies for Walmart’s 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee from 6pm-7pm on Thanksgiving night. The next best deal offers the same price tag but only a $75 gift card.

There is always the hope that the Apple Store will actually have a blow out sale one of these Black Fridays, but for this year, we won’t hold our breath. If you’re looking to find some ways to save on Apple products, it is likely you should shop anywhere BUT the Apple Store. Sure, the Apple Store will have the same predictable 5% discounts and free shipping on iPods, iPads, and MacBooks, but for more sizable discounts, we steer you towards Amazon, Best Buy, or MacMall.

In terms of new products, we predict the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 will be released by Black Friday, which will set off discounts on the previous generations like the iPad 4. The iPad Mini and the iPad 2 will most likely discontinued and sent to the Apple graveyard. You can find great deals on discontinued and refurbished Apple products when you shop other online retailers.

In terms of the iPhone, we have been seeing some awesome deals on the newest generation of iPhone, the 5c. This colorful model debuted at the end of September, and less than two weeks later, Best Buy, Walmart, and RadioShack were already selling the 16GB device for under $50. All of the discounts are only available in store and include signing a two year contract with a wireless provider. (Unfortunately, the Best Buy deal ended on October 7.)

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 5c on Black Friday, Walmart is currently the place to go, though the deal will stand even after Black Friday as we expect they will be extending the iPhone 5c deal through the 2013 holiday season.


Black Friday Apple Deals for 2013:

Store iPhone 5c Deals Black Friday Price Page
 RadioShack iPhone 5c 16GB $49.99 3
 Walmart iPhone 5c w/ $75 GC $45 19
 Best Buy iPhone 5c $48 10
 hhgregg iPhone 5c $49.99 19


Store iPhone 5s Deals Black Friday Price Page
 RadioShack iPhone 5s 16GB $199.99 3
 Walmart iPhone 5s w/ $75 GC $189 19
 Target iPhone 5s w/ $30 GC $179.99 5
 hhgregg iPhone 5s $189.99 19


Store Other iPhone Deals Black Friday Price Page
 RadioShack iPhone 4 8GB $99.99 3
 Best Buy iPhone 4s 8GB Free w/contract 10


Store iPad Deals Black Friday Price Page
 Walmart iPad Mini 16GB Wifi w/$100 GC  $299 1
 Target iPad Mini 16GB Wifi w/ $75 GC  $299 5
 Target iPad Air 16GB Wifi $100 GC  $479 5
 Best Buy iPad 2 16GB Wifi  $299.99 1
 Best Buy iPad Air 16GB Wifi  $449.99 10
 Fred Meyer iPad Mini 16GB  $249 (only 15 per store) 9
 hhgregg iPad Air 16GB Wifi  $499.99 19
 hhgregg iPad Mini 16GB Wifi  $249.99 19
 Navy Exchange iPad Mini 16GB Wifi  $279.99 8
 Navy Exchange iPad Air 16GB Wifi  $459.99 8
 Navy Exchange iPad Air 32GB Wifi  $549.99 8
 Rakuten iPad Mini 16GB Wifi  $249.99 2
 eBay iPad Mini 16GB Wifi  $239.99 1


Store iPod Deals Black Friday Price Page
 Toys R Us iPod Touch 16GB 5th Gen w/ $50 GC  $229.99 28
 Target iPod Touch 16GB 5th Gen w/ $50 GC  $229 5
 Best Buy iPod Nano 16GB 7th Gen  $99.99 2
 Best Buy iPod Touch 32GB 5th Gen  $249.99 10
 Fred Meyer iPod Shuffle 2GB  $44.99 9
 Fred Meyer iPod Nano 16GB  $129.99 9
 Fred Meyer iPod Touch 16GB 5th Gen w/$25 iTunes GC  $199.99 9
 Fred Meyer iPod Touch 32GB  $269.99 9
 Navy Exchange iPod Touch 16GB  $212.99 8
 Navy Exchange iPod Nano 16GB  $133.99 8
 goHastings iPod Touch 8GB 4th Gen (Refurb)  $139.99 4


Store Computer/Laptop Deals Black Friday Price Page
 Best Buy MacBook Pro 13.3″ Retina Display  $1,099.99 3
 Best Buy All MacBook Air computers  Save $150 4
 Best Buy  MacBook Pro 15.4″ Retina Display  Save $150 10
 Best Buy iMac 21.5″  $1,099.99 10
 Rakuten MacBook Pro 13.3″ Intel Core 15  $999.99 2


Store Apple TV Deals Black Friday Price Page
 Target Apple TV  $89 5
 Best Buy Apple TV  $84.99 10
 AAFES Apple TV  Free when you buy a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac 9
 Fred Meyer Apple TV  $89 9
 Navy Exchange Apple TV  Free when you buy any Apple Mac computer 8
 Rakuten Apple TV  $79.99 2


Store Other Apple Deals Black Friday Price Page
 Target iTunes $60 GC  $50 5
 Best Buy  Airport Extreme Wireless Base Station  $179.99 10
 Best Buy iTunes $100 GC  $85 10
 OfficeMax iTunes $50 GC  $40 1
 Office Depot iTunes GC  15% Off 1