We’ll find out for sure soon enough, but it looks like the Apple Store will not be discounting most products for Black Friday. Instead, they will be bundling products with gift cards. While initially it sounds disappointing, the gift cards often are for more than the product would have been discounted anyway. Apple Store Black Friday Sale 2013

The info comes to us from MacRumors.com, which is noting that the gift card bundling deals have been rolling out internationally today, beginning with Australia.

Here’s the list of gift card bundles from Australia. MacRumors believes that while the amounts may differ slightly for the United States, relative values should be similar and the products should be the same, and we agree.

  •  iPad Air: A$ 75 gift card 
  •  iPad mini: A$ 50 gift card on non-Retina models, no gift card on Retina models 
  •  iPad 2: A$ 50 gift card 
  •  iPod touch: A$ 50 gift card 
  •  iPod nano: A$ 25 gift card 
  •  MacBook Air: A$ 150 gift card 
  •  MacBook Pro: A$ 150 gift card for both Retina and non-Retina models 
  •  iMac: A$ 150 gift card 
  •  Apple TV: A$ 25 gift card 
  •  AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule: A$ 50 gift card 
  •  Various accessories: Gift card amounts vary 

If you missed out on the iPad + Gift Card deals at Walmart, Best Buy and Target today, these aren’t as good but still represent a good net discount if you know you have something else to buy at Apple Store later. Apple’s online sale begins at midnight PST, and the doors open at stores nationwide at 8am tomorrow.

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