eBay is planning their Black Friday Deal Frenzy the moment the clock strikes 12 am on November 29 this year. Their deals will last for 2 full days, until Saturday, November 30 at 11:59 pm, or until supplies last.

eBay Black Friday ad 2013

We expect there to be a lot more on sale than what’s on the single page eBay ad, but what the ad features makes what could be the rest of their deals very promising. Key examples of this are the PS Vita showcased at $149.99, which is the cheapest Black Friday deal on the Vita we’ve seen so far, and the 16GB iPad Mini for $239.00, which is the cheapest Black Friday Deal we’ve found (if you don’t count the $100 Walmart Gift Card after buying the iPad mini for $299).

More eBay Black Friday Deals

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