We’ve gotten some fantastic feedback from our fans about the new look and feel of Brad’s Black Friday, and while most of it has been overwhelmingly positive (and thanks for that, we’re so happy that you like it!), one question has turned up over and over:

“Where are the PDFs?”

We totally underestimated just how much our Black Friday fans relied upon the PDFs on the old website, and you sure did let us know it! We listened to you and now the PDFs are BACK!

To download a Black Friday Ad PDF, just go to that ad in the Black Friday Ad Viewer and look at the lower right corner of the frame for the “Download PDF” link:

Black Friday Ad PDF Download

Now go, Black Friday friends, and download to your hearts’ content!

Here are some handy shortcuts to some of the most popular Black Friday ads:

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When not scouring the web for Black Friday ads, Rebecca helps the team keep an eye on Black Friday news and trends.