Reading through each of your comments on our Black Friday Facebook page, I’ve come to realize this year’s biggest controversy: Store hours.

Believe it or not, this was the same hot-topic of 2012. Last year, shoppers had their worlds turned upside down with the announcement that some stores were moving their store hours from the traditional 5AM to Midnight. This year, many large retailers are rumored to be opening at 8PM on Thanksgiving and that poses the question: Is 8PM the new midnight?

Although many may have already forgotten last year’s outrage due to this year’s mayhem, it was the first time we started seeing these new ‘Thanksgiving night’ hours. The first to announce these new hours in 2012 were Walmart (opening at 10PM, Thursday) and Best Buy (opening at Midnight), with many retailers like Macy’s, Kohl’s and Toys R Us jumping on the bandwagon shortly after.

A really interesting case is Best Buy. Last year, they received a lot of negative comments on our Facebook page for opening at 12AM, and this year they are being applauded for the rumor that they will be sticking to that same 12AM door opening for 2013. Does this mean tradition has already changed over the course of one year?

Best Buy Black Friday Hours

Many of our Facebook fans fall under 2 categories, those who will embrace this new trend and are glad they could potentially have less competition this year and those who are refusing to shop and opting to spend the evening with their families instead.

The Happy Campers:
Black Friday Store Hours
Black Friday Best Buy Store Hours
JC Penney Black Friday Hours 2013


The Traditionalists:

Black Friday 8PM Store Hours
Black Friday Hours
Black Friday 2013 Controversy
Kohl's Black Friday 2013 Hours


So, where do yo u fit in? Sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook page and tell us why you will or won’t be participating in this year’s 8PM shopping trend. Do you think stores will go back to traditional hours next year or is Grey Thursday here to stay?

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When she isn't posting Black Friday news and ads to Facebook, Courtney is usually chatting with fans about rumors and deals. Her favorite memory of last year's Black Friday was sitting up until 12AM waiting for the Walmart ad release and chatting about the famous waffle iron on Twitter.