This holiday season just got a little better for the state employees of Alabama. With Thanksgiving not a month away and Christmas following on its heels, it’s a perfect time for Gov. Robert Bentley to release a message to all Alabama State employees confirming that Black Friday and Christmas Eve will be added to their holiday calendar as a sign of appreciation for all they do.

Governor Robert Bentley

Gov. Bentley gives statement to all Alabama State Employees.

Gov. Bentley states, “You are committed to serving the public with integrity, and I want you to know how much I value your service. As part of my appreciation for your hard work, I’m approving the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve as part of the 2013 employee holiday schedule,” he finishes with, “Our employees work hard all year, and I’m grateful for what you do.You deserve these holidays, and I wish you a warm and happy holiday season.”

These extra days off will allow employees more time to stay home with their families and loved ones, or stay up for Best Buy to open their doors at midnight for Black Friday. In any case, this news should give a little extra for all Alabama State employees to be thankful for this holiday season.

This change to the holiday calendar may be a trend as Arizona’s Pima County swapped Columbus Day for Black Friday as a paid county holiday earlier this year. Alabama now joins the 18 other states that consider Black Friday a paid holiday and 8 other states who consider Christmas Eve a day off as well.

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