We just posted the Fred’s Super Dollar Black Friday ad for 2013, and in the spirit of the turkey leftovers you’ll be eating for the week after Thanksgiving until you can’t stand the site of them, the entire ad appears to be a bland, reheated version of last year’s ad. Fred's Super Dollar Black Friday Ad 2013The 4-page ad is exactly what you expect from the southeastern discount chain, and precisely no one is shocked to see them opening their doors at 5am as they always do on Black Friday. Fred’s is so predictable that Congress could set the Ohio Clock by it.

The differences from last year’s ad to this one are few and vary only in small details. Last year, Fred’s discounted a 7″ Polaroid Tablet, and this year we see a 9″ Polaroid Tablet for only $10 more. We’re also eyeing the Polaroid MP3 Player Value Pack for $15, which looks suspiciously like the exact same set featured last year for the same price. And that Elite Deep Fryer? That was featured last year too, for exactly the same price.

So Fred’s gets no points for creativity here. If for some reason you find yourself bummed to miss out on one of these deals in 2013, just wait a year – chances are excellent that it will be back in 2014.

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