Devoted snow globe collectors everywhere sent up a collective cheer on Sunday when JCPenney announced the return of their holiday snow globes via Facebook. Disney Snow Globe 2013

JCPenney has given collectible Disney snow globes to Black Friday shoppers since 2000, and they quickly became highly sought after by Black Friday enthusiasts and Disneyana collectors alike. In 2012, however, JCPenney ditched the snow globes in favor of a season-long button giveaway that offered discounts of up to $10 off a purchase. A very few buttons even featured prizes like family vacations.

Reaction to the buttons was swift and loud, with fans of the snow globes eventually convincing the retailer to bring them back for 2013 amid other changes designed to bring the brand back into the public’s good graces after a disastrous year that saw long time customers abandoning the chain when it ditched sale pricing. Now under new leadership, sales – and snow globes – have returned.

The Sunday announcement of the snow globes’ return was met with mixed reactions, however. The button promotion was very popular with non-collectors since the promotion ran throughout the holiday shopping season and customers could return on subsequent days for more buttons (and, therefore, more discounts).

“That was the only way I was able to give my family a good Christmas,” noted one Facebook user lamenting the buttons’ demise.

Others hoped for a special edition snow globe to fill the hole in their collections. Wrote one fan, “I wish you would do a special snow globe for 2012, for those of us that have been collecting them.”

How do you feel about the return of the Disney snow globes at JCPenney? Vote in our poll and tell us what you think in the comments!

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