Waiting for Black Friday to purchase the colorful new iPhone 5c? You may want to reconsider.

iPhone 5C all colors

There are some amazing discounts on the iPhone 5c happening in stores this week. Last week, we saw Best Buy drop the price of the budget iPhone model from $99.99 to $49.99, by providing customers a “free” $50 Best Buy gift card to use instantly towards the 16GB device. Customers also had to sign a two year contract with their wireless provider in order to receive the discount. Though the Best Buy sale ended October 7th, it seems other large retailers such as Walmart and RadioShack have followed suit in slashing prices of the iPhone 5c.

RadioShack is picking up where Best Buy left off, offering the same in-store promotion until November 2nd. 5c buyers will receive a $50 RadioShack gift card to use right away in-stores on their 16GB device with a two year wireless contract.

When the iPhone 5c first launched, Walmart initially offered the lowest price we saw; $79.00 for the 16GB with a two-year wireless contract, already $20 cheaper than Apple’s MSRP. Now, not to be outdone by other retailers, Walmart is giving customers another instant $30 discount to use in-store towards the purchase of the device. This puts the colorful iPhone 5c at $45 with a two year contract; the lowest price we’ve seen since the device’s release. Walmart also promises that their discounted devices, unlike Best Buy (end Oct 7) and RadioShack (end Nov 2nd) will last through Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season.

Those of us who rushed to purchase this colorful, more affordable iPhone, myself included, are kicking themselves for not waiting to buy the 5c. New Apple products in the past have almost never seen such big discounts so soon after their release. After all these amazing sales and savings opportunities, Apple device owners who clicked “purchase” online or rushed to buy their devices from their wireless carrier’s retail center,  can really only watch and sigh as those more patient iPhone users reap the rewards of their purchasing patience.

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