Brad’s Deals just surveyed over 8,000 our top Black Friday Fanatics and we’re ready to make some bold holiday shopping predictions!

Black Friday is not dying, it’s evolving! Every year people predict that it’s the end of Black Friday, but each fall the hype gets bigger, it just changes. Black Friday as we know it; waiting in long lines over night, fighting for doorbusters in our pajamas, and meticulously planning driving routes from store to store may  be on the way out. Black Friday may move entirely to mobile, but as long as people love getting great deals, it will never die.

Who was in the Brad’s Deals Holiday Shopping Study:

Gender Breakdown
Male  20%
Female  80%


Age Breakdown
 18-24  2%
 25-34  12%
 35-44  21%
 45-54  30%
 55+  36%


Approx. Household Income Breakdown
Under $40,000/yr  23%
$41,000-$80,000/yr  36%
$81,000-$120,000/yr  24%
$121,000-$160,000/yr  9%
$161,000-$200,000/yr  4%
$200,000+/yr  3%


What our respondents had to say:

Where do you shop for Black Friday Deals? Breakdown
Online only  17%
Mostly online, but some in-store  43%
Mostly in-store, but some online  35%
In-store only  6%


What is most important to you when planning your Black Friday trip?
(choose all that apply)
 Thanksgiving Store Hours (Open at Midnight on Thursday or earlier)  20%
 Doorbusters  42%
 Price Matching  33%
 Short Lines  28%
 In-­Store Black Friday Culture (Crowd management, perks to shoppers, customer service  23%
 Likelihood of getting the deals I want  77%


How many stores, in person or online,
do you visit on Black Friday?
1-2  13%
3-4  36%
5-6  22%
6+  28%

Our predictions:

  • Holiday shopping will start EARLY. We’ve already seen top holiday toy lists come out from major Black Friday retailers.
  • Free Shipping Day is dead. Almost everyone does a free shipping deal just before the holidays and can usually do 2-day shipping as late as December 23rd.
  • Stores with a combination of  in-store and online promotions will be the most successful.
  • Mobile Domination: With the release of the iPhone 5C, there will be more people using mobile devices to shop on Black Friday, even while they’re standing in line at the store!
  • A small Thanksgiving Creep: Last year stores like Walmart started opening for Black Friday at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving. We anticipate stores may move this up an hour to 7:00 p.m., but that any earlier sales will be taken online, so people can sit on the couch between dinner and dessert and shop from their phones instead of having their celebration cut short by a trip to the mall.

Brad’s Deals 2013 Holiday Shopping Study & Predictions Infographic


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Infographic design by Katie Conway


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