Now that we’ve seen hot holiday toy lists from Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Kmart, and Kohl’s, we decided that it’s time again to compare them and make some predictions of our own.

Two years ago, we gave you a history lesson in the most popular toys of the holiday season dating back to 1903, then last year we brought you our predictions for the top 10 hot holiday toys and if you take a look you’ll see we we were rather dead-on.

Interestingly enough, we have two carry-overs from last year’s list: Furby Boom (an updated version Furby 2012) and the FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey (the newest member of the FurReal Friends family).

With the upcoming launch of two next-gen video game consoles, the re-launch of some big-name brands, and some great and innovative toys from some new and exciting brands and franchises, this holiday shopping season is going to be chock full of quality toys.

Here’s our take on the top 12 toys that we think your kids are going to want to see under the tree on Christmas morning.

doc mcstuffins get better checkup center

Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center

Harvard Med, here your little prodigy comes! This unbelievably detailed playset comes with everything your child could need to emulate Disney’s Doc McStuffins. From a play x-ray machine to a working scale, an electronic Big Book of BooBoos to Doc’s favorite patient, Lambie, this is the perfect gift for fans of Doc McStuffins, future medical professionals, and imaginative kids alike.

Some assembly required. Scholarship to cover Harvard Med’s $50,000 in tuition fees not included.

Note: While more expensive than their competitors, Toys ‘R’ Us’ version is an exclusive deluxe set that includes 14 additional pieces, such as Doc’s child-size lab coat and a first aid kit.

Where to find it:

Dusty Crophopper Remote-Controlled Plane

dusty crophopper remote-controlled planeWe’re expecting Dusty Crophopper to fly straight off the shelves just as he did in the skies of Disney’s latest animated feature, Planes.

What sets Dusty apart from his remote-controlled competition is the way in which he’s controlled: this little guy comes with two remote controls in the form of handheld wings. Press a button on one wing to get his propeller spinning, press a button on the other wing to drive him forward, then just extend your arms and bank left or right to get Dusty to mimic your movements.

With over 40 sounds and phrases from the movie, there’s no better or immersive remote-controlled toy out this holiday season.

Note: Unlike his silver-screen counterpart, this Dusty Crophopper has been grounded by air traffic control. That is, Dusty is only operable on land, not in the air.

Where to find it:

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Dolls

Flutterbye Flying Fairy DollsIf I, a grown man, can be so incredulous as to what these dolls can do that I assume it operates on magic, I can’t even begin to comprehend what children will think of a Flutterbye Flying Fairy. This doll is essentially an actualization of the imagination of every child that ever dreamed of hanging out with Tinkerbelle.

Once charged, all you have to do is press a button on Flutterbye Fairy and your she’ll begin to hover over your hand. In order to control her flight, just move your hand up, down, or side to side and the Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll will follow suit.

Note: This toy is not for outdoor use. I don’t know if she’ll just fly away, suddenly liberated by the open sky above her, but this is an indoor toy.

Where to find it:

Furby Boom

Furby Boom

The hot, absolute must-have toy of the 1999 holiday season makes his return this year, albeit with some upgrades that you might expect for a 21st century robot.

Furby’s “personality” will adapt to how you “treat” it, will still “learn” English the more you talk to it, and dance when you play music for it, you can now further your interaction with your Furby with a free iOS and Android app. The new mobile app allows you to translate the Furby’s native tongue, “Furbish,” and get virtual Furby eggs, which hatch into Furblings, that you can then “raise” .

Where to find it:

Zoomer Dalmatian

Zoomer DalmationAlmost some of the fun of a real puppy without any of the responsibility hassle of having to clean up after it!

Zoomer is a robot puppy that responds by name, understands English, Spanish, and French, learns tricks such as laying down, rolling over, and playing dead, follow you around, wag his tail, bark, and even speak.

You can also download Zoomer’s free app for iOS and Android to give you an interactive instructional guide so that you learn all the different ways you can train and interact with Zoomer.

Where to find it:

Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs ElmoWho doesn’t love a good hug, let alone one from a fuzzy little Muppet like Elmo?

Big Hugs Elmo will move his arms to receive and give back a hug, speaks over 50 phrases, sings 3 songs, and dances along to each one. Not only that, Elmo will engage your child’s imagination by inviting them to pretend to be an astronaut, rabbit, horse, or a frog, all the while helping them to learn the ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes. Elmo will even help out with nap time by saying he’s sleepy, cuddling, and singing a lullaby to your child.

Where to find it:

Sofia the First Toys

Sofia the FirstThe latest miniature newcomer to the Disney Princess family, Sofia the First has been teaching girls that being a princess is more than dressing the part, it’s about being kind, honest, loyal, generous, and graceful.

It’s a message like this that children and parents alike can get behind and one that will likely drive sales of Sofia the First toys this holiday shopping season.

There’s no shortage of great Sofia toys out there this season. From dress up trunks to dolls to a full, talking vanity, fans of Sofia the First  Below are the best deals on each different toy at four different retailers.

Where to find it:

  • Kohl’s – Sofia the First Doll
  • Kmart – Sofia the First Dress Up Trunk
  • Walmart – Sofia the First Talking Sofia Doll and Animal Friends Play Set
  • Toys ‘R’ Us – Sofia the First Royal Talking Vanity

Xbox One

Xbox One Console Kinect ControllerNo doubt about this One.

Microsoft’s next-gen console is set to debut on November 22 with 21 games available on the day of it’s launch date and a horde of loyal fanboys and fangirls ready to snag one as soon as those doors open at midnight on the 22nd.

With a release date exactly one week ahead of Black Friday, Microsoft’s Xbox One is primed to put up big numbers.

That is, if Sony doesn’t beat them to the punch…

Where to find it:

Sony Playstation 4

Playstation 4Propped up by a price that’s $100 less than that of the Xbox One and one-week’s headstart, Sony are already projected to sell 5 million of their upcoming Playstation 4 between it’s launch on November 15 and the end of it’s fiscal year on March 31.

Not only that, the PS4 touts a larger library of launch titles than the Xbox One, with 28 games available upon it’s release.

Just as with the Xbox One, demand for the Playstation 4 will be through the roof, and there are no guarantees that they won’t sell out early in the holiday shopping season.

Where to find it:

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave

Fisher-Price Imaginext BatcaveQuick, Robin, to the Batcave!

Now your child, too, can be the hero that Gotham deserves with the Imaginext Batcave.

Complete with the Batcomputer, the Batwing, the Batcycle, elevator, flightsuit, jail, and Batman and Robin figures, your young Caped Crusader will be fully equipped to rid Gotham City of  the crime that has infected it’s streets.

Where to find it:

Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Makers

cra-z-loom rubber band bracelet makerExclusive to Toys ‘R’ Us, the Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker gives kids a quick, simple, easy, and cheap way to make fun rubber band bracelets and other accessories.

This is just another great example of a toy that will allow your child to tap into their creative side and show off their abilities as a future designer of fashionable accessories.

The Cra-Z-Loom Rubber Band Bracelet Maker set comes with over 600 latex-free rubber bands in a variety of colors, a “S” hooks special weaving hook for putting it all together. as well as an instructional booklet to help kids learn how to design and create everything from simple bracelets to more complex belts and keychains.

Where to find it:

FurReal Friends Monkey Pet

FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly MonkeyIn keeping with the theme of toys-as-pets, Cuddles My Giggly Monkey is another toy that’ll teach your child the responsibility that comes with caring for someone or something other than oneself in the most adorable, cuddly way possible.

This little monkey giggles when you tickle her, makes gentle monkey sounds if you cuddle her, responds when you play with her, needs to be fed her banana-shaped bottle when she gets hungry, and falls asleep and starts snoring if you rock her to bed.

Whether you’re thinking of getting a real pet and want to introduce the importance of and responsibility inherent to tending to a pet or your kid is just really into monkeys, toys like Cuddles My Giggly Monkey are the perfect place to begin.

Where to find it:

Think we’re missing something? Did we omit a toy that demands inclusion? Let us know what toys your kids want this holiday season in the comments below!

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