In a move that surely intended to 1-UP Sony and their upcoming Playstation 4 launch, it looks as though Microsoft’s Xbox One might be launching a week ahead of their competition’s next-gen gaming console.

Xbox One HardwareAccording to a source for Kotaku, some of Walmart’s internal marketing materials seem to suggest that the behemoth of a retailer is prepping a midnight launch of the Xbox One on November 8th. That as-of-yet unconfirmed release date places the launch exactly one week before the PS4 and three weeks ahead of Black Friday.

As with Sony’s PS4, we’re anticipating that retailers will be creating bundles exclusive to Black Friday for the new console that may include games, accessories and peripherals, and even gift cards in order to drive the Xbox One’s already insane demand through the roof.

For those gamers who absolutely need to get their hands on a Xbox One as soon as it’s released, you can always secure a day-one pre-order from AmazonGameStopTarget, and Best Buy.

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