Video game news and review site Game Informer is reporting a rumor that Amazon is developing its own video game console and expects to release it just in time for Black Friday. The rumored console would be Android-based and use its own dedicated controller. The console easily could tap into Amazon’s existing game library, and some industry speculators are talking about a price point under $100.

Aiming for a late November release certainly makes sense if you’re targeting the Cyber Monday crowd and, with the likely Xbox One and PS 4 releases happening at the same time, looking to eat into Sony and Microsoft’s market share.

In the meantime, Amazon Game Studios is reportedly on a game developer hiring binge, and it’s clear that any game system that can tap into Amazon’s deep and loyal customer base has a clear advantage, though it remains to be seen if it would be a serious competitor to the Xbox One, Playstation 4 or Nintendo systems to which most video gamers have been loyal for years.

We’ve also heard whispers from ExtremeTech about three new Kindle devices hitting the market this Fall, including the Kindle Fire HD 2 and Kindle Fire 3.

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