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Black Friday line at Target in Chicago’s West Loop, 9:15pm on 11/22/12

Over the last several weeks, Black Friday by BradsDeals has covered more than 175 different Black Friday ads, pre-Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving sales and toy books. But what we’ve posted here is just a fraction of what’s out there. Many of our favorite stores didn’t leak or publish a Black Friday ad, but they have Black Friday deals all the same. How can anyone possibly keep up with it all?

That is precisely what we do every single day at All through Black Friday, our crack team of expert deal hunters will be scouring the internet for the best deals from merchants large and small and sharing them with our fans. In fact, they’ve already started posting the best of the best Black Friday bargains.

Here’s just a sampling of the Black Friday deals you can find at BradsDeals right now:

There are many more than these, with new hot deals added constantly. Be sure to keep an eye on BradsDeals all day on Friday for the Black Friday sales and bargains that otherwise might have fallen under your radar. After all, finding the best deals out there is what we do, year round, every single day. So, in a way, it’s always Black Friday at BradsDeals!

Good luck tonight, everyone! Stay safe, don’t go over budget, and we hope to see you soon!


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