We had over 1,500 Black Friday slogan submissions via Facebook and our blog! Thanks so much to all of you for the great suggestions and ideas. We narrowed it down to our favorites and voted as a whole. Facebook fans that voted in a recent poll made up 1 vote in the final decision. And now we have a winner!
Our Official Black Friday 2012 Slogan!
The official Black Friday 2012 Slogan is:

“Making those other 51 Fridays seem so pointless.” – Melinda M. via Facebook

Congratulations Melinda! She will receive 10 FREE t-shirts to give to her friends and family to wear on the big day and a $50 Walmart gift card.

As promised, you can purchase your own Black Friday 2012 slogan t-shirt via our Zazzle.com store. Through 11/7, you can use code ABEISFOR5OFF to get this t-shirt for $19. After 11/7, the price will go up to $24. Choose your color, style and size and show your Black Friday pride along with us while snagging deals on November 23!

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