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Today we got our hands on the ad for Bath & Body Works’ famous Black Friday VIP Bag. While BBW does some great sales on Black Friday, the VIP Bag is their big crowd-pleaser both in stores and online. The ad doesn’t give pricing information but for the last 4 years the VIP Bag has been $20 with a $40 purchase. In the past each bag counted towards your purchase of another bag. So you can spend $40 on candles and buy a bag for $20. Now you’re at $60. Just spend $20 more on hand soaps and you qualify for VIP Bag #2.

Black Friday is also historically one of only two days that Bath & Body Works officially allows coupon stacking (The other being Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas).   This means start saving your $10 off $30 survey coupons now. Remember that even though they allow stacking, you still need to meet the qualifications for each coupon.

We suggest figuring out how many VIP Bags you intend to buy and how many coupons you plan on using and mapping out your game plan before you go in the store. Historically the big promotions at Bath & Body Works on Black Friday are 2 for $20 3-wick candles, Buy 3 Get 3 on Signature Collection Body Care items, and other smaller sales like $5 hand cream or Buy 2 Get 1 on Aromatherapy and True Blue Spa items. While Bath & Body Works doesn’t announce their sales sometimes until the morning of Black Friday, these promotions are a pretty sure bet.


Here is a list of what’s included in the Bath & Body Works Black Friday 2012 VIP Bag. BBW advertises it as $100 value with 7 products.

  • Full-sized Lotion and Shower Gel in new Cashmere Glow ($11 value each)
  • Full-sized Lotion in Paris Amour ($11 value)
  • Full-sized Men’s Shower Gel in Paris Amour (this is brand new and is not even mentioned on the website yet) ($11 value)
  • Sparkling Pink Champagne Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap ($5 value)
  • 1.3 oz Mini Candle in Cranberry Pear Bellini ($3.5 value ) (This is a hugely popular scent that always sells out first)
  • Red Shower Sponge ($3.50 value)

While our calculation for value of the products comes out to about $56, the bag itself looks like a really nice tote with detachable coin purse. Either way, at $20 it’s a steal.


I worked at a Bath & Body Works store on and off from October 2008 to March 2012, which included four Black Fridays. Over those years I noticed they put fewer products in the bag each year, but the bags themselves get nicer. In 2008 and 2009 the bags were flimsy re-usable totes, then in 2010 they had the gray purse and in 2011 had a nice black zip tote. How do you feel about this trend? Would you rather have more unique items or a better quality bag that you might actually use? Let us know in the comments.

Just for fun, here are photos of the VIP Bags from the last 4 years:


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