Target has flip flopped on their holiday and Black Friday plans more in the last month than your favorite warm-weather footwear did all summer.

Target Price Matching for holiday season

At the beginning of September Target announced that they were backing out of the holiday price wars and would not be playing the low price game with their competitors this year. Then, around the end of September, Target announced that they would in fact be joining Best Buy, Walmart, and pretty much every other store in America in participating in Black Friday.

Over the weekend we reported that Best Buy would be price matching online competitors in efforts to cut down on losses due to “Showrooming”.  Now, according to Mashable, Target  has said they will be doing the same. Showrooming is when customers go to Target to check out the products that they’re thinking of buying, but then leave the store after looking at it to go buy it online for a better price. The Target store becomes a show room for the online store. To keep this from happening, Target will be price matching select online retailers such as,,,, and their own site,  Just like with Best Buy’s price matching, there are a few rules.


  • Target’s price matching will take place from November 1- December 16. So far there has been no comment about excluding Black Friday (Best Buy will NOT be price matching the 5 days before or after Black Friday)
  • Items sold by third party dealers, like on Amazon Marketplace, will not be price matched
  • Shoppers must go to guest services to receive their price adjustments


In addition to price matching, Target will be tagging hot holiday toys with QR codes. Parents can scan the codes with their smartphones to discretely purchase them online. If you’re out shopping with the kids this will save you the hassle of trying to buy the item without them noticing.


We wonder how many other stores will follow what seems to be this seasons hot holiday trend. What stores would you like to see also offer price matching? Let us know in the comments.


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