Toys R Us Hot Holiday Toy Reservations

Parents, there’s no need to run out and frantically search for the hottest new toys for your kids this holiday season. Toys R Us has unveiled their “Hot Toy Reservation” program, which is a service that lets shoppers put toys on reserve for a guaranteed price. According to CEO, Jerry Storch, the program coincides with their annual hot toy list that came out September 19th. Here’s how the program works…


Shoppers have until October 31st to put items on reserve  from the 50 hottest toy list, but there is a catch. You can only reserve toys if you are physically in the store, there’s no online option.  Storch states that they decided not to offer the program online because:

“There’s a lot of complexity administering this kind of program,” said Storch. “This is the first time that we’re doing this. We wanted to make sure we do it right. We didn’t want anyone scamming the system, getting these toys and then selling them on eBay.”

In addition, reservation requires a 20% down-payment, and some toys will have a per person limit. When orders are available, shoppers will get an e-mail and will have until December 16th to pick up their toys. This is very similar to the rules of layaway offered by other stores.

We see the benefit of this program, but we still have questions. For example, Wal-Mart will drop your layaway item’s price if the price is lowered storewide. Will Toys R Us follow suit? And if a reserved hot toy’s price is lowered later on Black Friday, will it apply?

We’ve love to hear your comments and concerns about it! What are your thoughts on this new Toys R Us program? Do you think it will help your holiday shopping?

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