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Black Friday is still 84 days away and rumors about store opening times are already cropping up everywhere we turn. While most shoppers will be camping out at big retailers long before their doors are unlocked, an opening timWaiting in Line for Black Fridaye largely is determined by competition between stores and won’t be revealed until much closer to the big day. Retailers often hold out as long as possible to release their hours to see what the competition is doing. Basically, if Walmart is opening at midnight, Target won’t want to wait until 6 a.m. The press releases start to roll out in November, and many aren’t released until the official store ads come out. This particular list looks suspiciously like last year’s list, and while we’ll admit the final list will probably look similar, we’re not buying this one quite yet.

Former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn revealed that last year Best Buy had been reluctant to open at midnight, citing the impact on workers and their families. Unfortunately, with so many other major retailers announcing midnight openings the decision ultimately was made to join them. “We were going to be open at much more civilized hour, like 3 or 4 (a.m.),” Dunn said. “I know that the decision has been a bit controversial with some of our folks. But the truth of the matter is, the customers will be out there, lined up, for that midnight opening.”

Given that Best Buy didn’t make a final decision until November 5th last year, and then based that decision on competitors’ opening times, we think it’s unlikely that this list reflects current information. Stay tuned to Black Friday by BradsDeals for the latest information about 2012 Black Friday store hours as official announcements are made.

Here are the rumored store opening times for Black Friday 2012:

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