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Black Friday can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never experienced it before. At BradsDeals it’s like our Christmas since we get to see everyone take advantage of the best deals around. The savings are definitely worth it, so here are the answers to many frequently asked questions about Black Friday.

Black Friday Sales

Q: What is Black Friday?
A: Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when many stores have their best sales of the year. As the official start to the holiday shopping season and the biggest shopping day of the year, people have been known to camp out for hours or days before stores open on Black Friday.

Q: When is Black Friday 2014?
A: Friday November 28, 2014

Q: Why is it called Black Friday?
A: Historically Black Friday earned its name because it was the first day all year that retailers would make a profit. Thus, being in the “black” instead of being in the “red”.

Q: What are the best items to buy on Black Friday?
A: Electronics (especially lesser brand latops and HDTVs), kitchen appliances, DVDs and video games.

Q: What are the worst items to buy on Black Friday?
A: Winter clothing, toys, luxury items (ie iPhones, iPads, etc), Christmas decorations, and jewelry.

Q: When should I get in line to buy a big ticket Black Friday item?
A: Most people will start gathering in line between 9PM and midnight Thursday night, but some people will get in line as early as days before. It largely depends on what you’re purchasing and what kind of inventory the store expects to have. Make sure to do some research and plan ahead.

Q: When are Black Friday ads released?
A: Ads can come out as early as October, but most ads will be posted the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Make sure to check back with us for every ad as it comes out!

Q: When is Cyber Monday 2014?
A: Monday December 1, 2014

Q: Should I shop online or in-store?
A: If you like to brave the crowds or know your item is only available in store, that’s where you should be. Many retailers have their big sale items online as well, and if you don’t need the item immediately or enjoy shopping in your pajamas this is a good option.

Q: How do I find out about the latest Black Friday ads and news?
A: We’ll be delivering the best sales and ads right to your inbox as soon as we receive them. We’ll also have all the latest information on Black Friday news, rumors, and sales.

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